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5 Ways to Create a Killer Brand

Ask anyone. Defining an authentic brand is important. It’s what makes a company stand out from competitors, and is more than just the services it sells. It creates a perception of your company, and can make your audience understand you on an emotional level.

In fact, branding refers to what people think of when they hear or see your company name, as well as the look and feel. So it is important to get it right.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to creating a killer brand.

1. Know Yourself

  • Before you begin creating a brand, you need to know what your company is about
  • Take time exploring who you are including your brand values, aligning with business goals
  • Ask yourself questions such as what is the heritage, is the location key to the business, are you targeting a niche or mass market?
  • Write this down and set it out in front of you before you begin any work to cross check

2. Know Your Audience

  • Think about who your target audience is
  • Ask other people who they think your target audience is
  • Think of ways to connect your brand to your audience
  • If you want your audience to love and cherish your brand, you have to love and cherish your audience

3. It’s More Than a Logo

  • A logo is an important part of a brand, but it isn’t everything. A brand includes the tone of voice, your external messaging, your internal messaging and even how you treat your staff. It is all encompassing
  • Spend time planning and executing all aspects

4. Don’t Follow the Trends

  • Stay true to step 1
  • You have to do what is right for your brand, and this especially relates to the creative look and feel
  • If you only follow the trends you’ll soon be outdated – ensure the design is timeless. (Top tip – does it look good in black and white?)
  • BUT be current in your campaigns

5. Budget Properly

  • “No one likes a luxury brand with cheap stock”
  • It is important to remember that it is not just the design you need to budget for – you need to think about print costs, advertising space etc.
  • You need to have enough money to get your amazing new brand out there!