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January 17, 2017

Digital Insight – Google Panda 4.2 Update Rolled Out

Google has launched its Google Panda Update which will take several months to complete. It is predicted that it will positively affect 2-3% of search queries with its continued focus on content quality. The update is an algorithm change that is specifically designed to benefit high quality websites which it does by demoting low quality […]

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5 Ways to Create a Killer Brand

Ask anyone. Defining an authentic brand is important. It’s what makes a company stand out from competitors, and is more than just the services it sells. It creates a perception of your company, and can make your audience understand you on an emotional level. In fact, branding refers to what people think of when they […]

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Why It’s So Important to Have Clear Brand Guidelines

There is no denying the importance of having a strong brand if you want to achieve growth and long term success. In a world of increasing competition, a strong brand can be your most powerful asset, helping you become an instantly recognizable and trusted name to your customers. When you hear people talking about creating […]

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Going mobile: Why ‘Mobile First’ is Reshaping Digital

We all know that one of the biggest news in brand recently is Google. Its re brand and immediate incorporation into the umbrella ‘Alphabet’ organization set the industry’s tongues wagging. Many commentators were also quick to note that the company’s latest logo re-vamp was ultimately decided by their newfound ‘mobile first’ approach. Many have heard […]

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3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Agency

The trades are amuck with headlines around the need for a “new agency model” fueled by the rise of ad tech and digital media. These types of headlines have riddled publications since the dot-com era. Don’t get me wrong — there is some truth in the speculation. Underlying the latest wave of headlines is the […]

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